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    Shotcrete & Steelfixing

Advanced Shotcrete Group specialise in the preparation and application of shotcrete to the civil construction and residential sectors.

Our Services

Shotcrete Preparation / Application

Advanced Shotcrete Group has the capability and capacity to undertake Shotcrete and concrete projects from start to finish. No matter the complexity or scale of project, our expert team will see to it that every aspect of the contract has been catered for and delivered in accordance it’s design specifications.

Steel Fixing / Form Work

Our professional team of Steel fixers/Form workers with their extensive experience in the industry are capable of undertaking a large variety of specialised works ranging from swimming pools of all shapes and sizes to commercial and residential developments. Our team prides itself on its capability in delivering on a timely manner and at the highest standard.

General Concrete Pumping

We provide general concrete pumping services for Slabs, retaining walls, footpaths, driveways and much more at competitive prices. Advanced Shotcrete is a proud member of the CPAA, Concrete Pumping Association of Australia and we will endeavour to always provide a service of the highest standard to the industry and community.


Basement / Retaining Walls

Shotcrete basement walls is predominantly what Advanced Group specialises in. Our expert team in conjunction with the latest equipment, machinery and vehicles at hand are capable of delivering efficiently, productively in varied situations and locations. Various wall finishes and textures are available upon client’s specific requirements.

Swimming Pools

Our swimming pool team takes care of all the steel fixing, formwork, shotcrete application and general concrete needs, this spares the builder the time and money outsourcing the various tasks to different contractors for the same project.

Slope and Drain Linings

Shotcrete is the preferred method for dish drains, water channels and culvert linings. Advanced Shotcrete possesses the resources and knowhow to carry out these projects.

Concrete Pumping

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Shotcreting is a construction method in which mixed concrete is conveyed through a rubber hose and pneumatically projected onto the target surface at high velocity. Typically, the targeted area is reinforced by steel mesh, rods or fibres. This technique of applying concrete has many advantages over the conventional method of pouring concrete into formwork as shotcrete can be applied to more surface types and structure shapes without the need for formwork. Correctly applied shotcrete is structurally durable and exhibits excellent bonding characteristics to a wide-range of surfaces and materials, the physical properties of a high standard shotcrete mix are comparable and, in many cases superior to that of conventional concrete.

Shotcrete is a unique concrete material with various uses and applications that require careful consideration to detail. It is vital that quality control and assurance procedures be established to assure that the final product functions as designed and that it has the desired life expectancy. Each Shotcrete project may have a different quality assurance and control requirement; therefore, Advanced Shotcrete Group tailors comprehensive and thorough quality shotcrete assurance plans to match our client’s specific requirements.

All aspects of the contract process are adhered too and implemented in line with client’s specific requirements and internally audited and assessed daily through our daily worksheets. Our quality control and assurance system is highly regarded for its standard of accuracy in diagnosing, identifying and minimising issues or concerns, this in return ensures consistent quality and productivity throughout the process.

Advanced Shotcrete Group prides itself on being completely committed to complying with the Environmental Protection Authority’s environmental standards and policies. At Advanced Shotcrete our policy is to continually abide by the EPA’s recommended standards and implement them throughout our business.

We have a comprehensive assessment and maintenance program in place that covers all vehicles, equipment and machinery used. We are also committed to continually educating and updating all company employees on work related environmental policies and creating a safer and healthier work environment.

It is the policy of Advanced Shotcrete Group to operate our business in a manner that provides and preserves a fair, pleasant, safe and healthy working environment for all within the bounds of applicable industrial relations.

We endeavour to improve efficiency and productivity in all areas of our business to ensure sustainable growth in our profit and benefits to all employees.

All employees are treated equally and their rights upheld. Advanced Shotcrete Group will strive to continually comply with all the relevant awards and legislative requirements.

The employment practices and standards of Advanced Shotcrete Group ensures fair and equal opportunity without discrimination. At ASG everyone is equal without exception. We are committed to an equitable and inclusive work environment free from any negativities and unpleasant experiences.

At Advanced Shotcrete Group, the health and safety of all employees is paramount. Our policies include our own comprehensive in-house best practice methods that cover every aspect of working in a safe and healthy environment. Adhering to and implementing these standards and policies is a condition of continued employment at ASG.